Publications - Managing Visitor Safety in the Historic Built Environment

Managing Visitor Safety in the Historic Built Environment

“A must-buy if you have any responsibilities for managing historic sites, be they cathedrals, industrial heritage sites, stately homes or parks.”

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How do we balance the benefits and risks experienced by visitors to heritage properties?

What techniques can we use to minimise the risks without damaging historic landscapes and buildings?

How do we meet our responsibilities without taking away people’s sense of freedom and adventure?

To what extent should we encourage access to properties that have outstanding heritage asset value?

Members of the Visitor Safety in the Countryside Group (VSCG) have long experience of managing a wide range of heritage properties receiving millions of visitors each year.

The VSCG has just published a brand new publication Managing Visitor Safety in the Historic Built Environment ~ principles & practice

It is a companion volume to Managing Visitor Safety in the Countryside, now in its third edition, with sales over 4,000.

With 96 full colour A4 size pages, it is lavishly illustrated, containing over 100 photographs, case studies and diagrams that reflect the knowledge and experience of our members. Owners and managers of historic properties and landscapes will be familiar with the challenges that we examine and interested in the solutions that are outlined.

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The new publication will help anyone who invites or allows members of the public to:

  • castles, cathedrals and churches
  • stately homes, landscape gardens and estates
  • bridges and aqueducts
  • parks, follies and earthworks
  • industrial heritage sites
  • visitor centres in historic places

The opening section of the book lays out the guiding principles that give managers the confidence to make decisions when balancing risk with benefits. It then shows you how to set about it in practice, with chapters on planning & organising and risk assessment. There are supporting chapters covering:

  • the role of information & education in risk control
  • incident reporting & investigation
  • emergency planning & procedures
  • the law & visitor safety.
The brand new publication Managing Visitor Safety in the Historic Built Environment, endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive, is now in stock.

HSE supports the VSCG’s commitment to promoting a sensible and proportionate approach to managing visitor safety in the historic built environment.

This guidance provides a valuable framework for managing risks to visitors which is sensitive to the historic value of the properties and landscape and does not unduly restrict public access.”
Health and Safety Executive

Copies can be purchased from York Publishing Services, price £15 (plus postage and packing). Discounts at 10% apply to purchases of 20 or over, and 20% for 50 or over. ISBN 978 0 9569844 1 8

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To purchase the book contact:

York Publishing Services
64 Hallfield Road,
YO31 7ZQ.

Tel. No. 01904 431213


Payment can be made by cheque or credit card (Telephone orders accepted.)

Publications - Managing Visitor Safety in the Countryside

Managing Visitor Safety in the Countryside

Managing Visitor Safety in the Countryside is the established guide for owners and managers of open spaces, both urban and rural. First written in 2003 by members of the Visitor Safety in the Countryside Group it was revised in 2005 and 2011.

5,000 copies have been sold to 460 different organisations, including 26 government agencies, 112 local authorities, 38 national park authorities, regional and country parks, 37 nature, wildlife and conservation trusts, 42 country houses, farms and estates, 10 water companies and 11 navigation organisations. It is a reference work in over 100 universities, training centres and consultancies.

We are now completely out of stock and are currently producing a brand new edition. It will be completely revised, expanded and brought right up to date to reflect the latest thinking on assessing benefits and risks.

If you work for an organisation that is a member of VSCG you can have an electronic (PDF) copy of the publication free of charge.

You can view the section on Guiding Principles

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