Good Practice

We are building up examples of work carried out by VSCG members that we think demonstrate good practice, and which may be of interest to others.

These good practice guidelines should provide a starting point if you are facing similar problems. However, we stress that you must consider all the factors which might be relevant to your own particular situation.

The top listings are guidance that has been completed. But we welcome your comments. Please post them here

We have also listed topics for guidance that we are in the process of writing. We welcome contributions. Please post them here

Completed Good Practice Guidelines

Tree Safety Management

Many land owners and land managers find it difficult to decide how to apply principles of sensible risk management to the management of trees. Recent incidents have created anxiety about the legal repercussions, and made a risk-averse approach to tree safety management more common. We hope this guidance will help achieve a balanced and defendable position.

Rock Falls

These guidelines discuss the risk from falling rocks and landslides, ways of assessing that risk, and the range of risk control measures available.

Cycling Trails

A collection of new documents containing guidance on how to create trails for mountain biking and with advice on what to do if 'wild trails' suddenly appear on your property.

External Pedestrian Path Surfaces

Slips and trips account for fifty percent of all reported injuries to members of the public. Careful selection, construction and maintenance of path surfaces can reduce the number of falls that visitors and staff may experience.


How to manage risk from drops like cliffs and high walls.

Ticks and Lyme disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection you might get after being bitten by a tick. Here we explore the likelihood and risk control measures to consider.

Forestry Commission Operational Guidance

The Forestry Commission publish operational guidance booklets for their staff. The Commission have made some of this information publicly available to assist others in writing their own advice.

Wild and nature play

This guidance examines the differences between formal, nature and wild types of play provision.

Understanding and Influencing Visitor Behaviour

Presentations from a VSCG Workshop December 2013

Good Practice Guidelines In Progress

We encourage all interested parties to discuss the guidelines in progress and to suggest potential new areas of study. Please use our forum.

Future Good Practice Guidelines

We are planning to produce further guidelines based on the following topics. We encourage all interested parties to comment on and discuss the future guidelines and to suggest potential new areas of study. Please use our forum.

Mines and Quarries

Waters Edge Treatment

Disability Discrimination Act

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