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We are committed to making all the pages on this website accessible to all. Accesskeys are defined for navigation with the keyboard, all images have alternate text and the site may be properly viewed with CSS disabled.

If you have any questions about the use of this site with assistive technology or if something doesn’t work as expected then please contact us at accessibility@vscg.co.uk

Access Keys

Most browsers support navigation using the keyboard as long as the keys are defined on the website.

On Microsoft Windows you can press ALT + key then the ENTER/RETURN key and on the Apple Macintosh you can press CTRL + key.

This website defines the following keys:

  • s – Skip to content
  • a – Accessibility (this page)
  • m – Site Map
  • h – Home Page
  • t – Return to the start of the content (where applicable)

So, for example, on a Microsoft Windows machine to go to the Home page press ALT + h key then press ENTER/RETURN.

Text Size

The text on this website is fully resizable in all browsers. Typically, you can select the View menu and then the Text Size submenu to either increase or decrease the text size.

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